January 2019 Newsletter

Welcome to Your January Newsletter.

With the end of 2018 and a few days over the Christmas and New Year free to enjoy, it is an ideal time to spend some quality time with your feathered or furry friend. This summer is shaping up to become one of the hottest on record, so keep plenty of fresh water and provide shade when outside for pets. Indoor pets need a cool room to retire to. Dogs with short, pushed in muzzles (known as a brachycephalic breed) get heat stroke easily so don’t push them to exercise or play in the hot sun. And never, ever leave a pet in the car. Even with a window or two partially down, a car can reach extreme temperatures in minutes! Water play and hosing a dog down will help keep them cool, while cats will like a nice cool pad to sleep on. Enjoy the new year festivities and keep pets inside if there are parties and fireworks going off around you.

            From the Friendly team at HIGHLANDS Veterinary Hospital

                  Have A Very Happy & Prosperous New Year!

January NEWSLETTER – HIGHlands Edition

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