May 2019 Newsletter

Welcome to Your May Newsletter.

Autumn is a lovely time of the year. After the heat of summer, it is a time to chill out and enjoy the cooler days. Pets enjoy the change as well, as they seem to have more energy. Dogs can get outside and play their hearts out, which is great for building up strength and resistance to winter. Sadly parasites also have a ‘last fling’ before winter, as they seek a warm host to cozy up to. After a walk outside check your pets’ coat to ensure there are no free riders hanging on. This applies to your cat as well. As they explore the garden they make ideal targets to these pests. The cooler weather can be decieving as parasistes don’t die off, they just get more cunning. Keeping up with your pet’s preventative treatments is vital during the autumn season.

Also in this months newsletter, we discuss;

  • Anti Freeze Toxicity
  • Dealing with cat abscesses
  • PenHIP Radiography – An effective tool in the fight against Canine Hip Displasia
  • Case Study – Lou Lou’s cesarean
  • What does my pet health plan cover?
  • Tips for pet behavioral problems
  • Plus so much more…


Dr Diederik Gelderman and the Highlands Veterinary Hospital team.

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