Meet George the rooster who was brought in to see us with bumblefoot.
Check out his progress with this unconventional treatment!

What happens when you bring your dog in for a check up?
In this video learn the ‘whats’ and the ‘why’s’ on what you can expect when we run a comprehensive physical exam on your dog

Meet the beautiful Koda! Koda was in a nasty accident a few years ago that required a plate to be placed in her leg. Over time this plate has worn and now that Kodas leg is fully healed, this plate can now be removed

Does your cat/dog suffer from this? 8 out 10 cats and dogs do!
Canine Dental disease

Meet the adorable Toby from Golden oldies animal rescue who was brought to us with carpal hyperextension syndrome. The operation to fix took us quite a few hours but the results are worth it

Follow us with this Part 1 video and follow Toby’s journey…

This amazing tool makes teeth extraction a lot less painful and traumatic for your pet!

Meet Charlene who was brought in to us as she was having difficulty birthing her pups

Meet China who was brought to us by Golden oldies animal rescue. China suffers from Cerebellum disease, which affects her balance. Her story is a unique one (sadly with no cure) but she can still live a very happy and normal life

Learn how to safely trim your budgies beak

This is Arnie the 11yr old Dalmation who came to see us with gravel in his urethra. This video will amaze you at what we found when we operated!
Happy to report that Arnie is doing well 

Meet Gypsy who came to us as a rescue from the Golden oldies animal rescue at only 3yrs of age.

Gypsy has skin cancer which is brought on by UV light (yes, dogs can get sun skin cancer too!) 

We were able to remove the cancer and after some recovery time Gypsy will be ready to be re-homed… watch her journey with us at Highlands Veterinary Hospital

Cats who are said to suffer from feline Down Syndrome have wide-set and round eyes compared to the closer-set and slightly slanted eyes normally associated to felines, but can lead very normal lives

Meet Molly who was presented to us with jaw cancer, after a partial jaw amputation she is now living (and eating!) happily and normally