Some of you may remember Tankie the Golden Oldies rescue dog that was recently re-homed to a loving family.
This is Tankie’s story when he first came in to see us…

Following on from Tankie’s from video  we posted last week in Part 1, after 3 weeks of Chemo he is now ready for his BIG surgery!

WARNING! This video contains graphic content!

Tankie Part 2

Do you remember Tankie from Golden Oldies in the video we posted last week? Well after 3 weeks of Chemo he is now ready for his BIG surgery! WARNING! This video contains graphic content! www.highlandsveterinaryhospital.com.au

12 year old Holly was brought in to see us by Golden oldies animal rescue group.

Otherwise healthy, it was noticed that she had problems with both back legs. Upon a full check up we discovered that she has what is called luxating patellas.

This is when is a kneecap moves out of its normal location. Owners may notice a skip in their dog’s step or see their dog run on three legs. Then suddenly they will be back on all four legs as if nothing happened.

Watch the video and see how Diederik repairs Holly’s knee but *warning graphic content*

Jubilee the Boxer came in to see us with a nasty lump on her back leg that needed removing.
After running pre-op bloods before surgery we discovered she had kidney issues as well as pancreatitis.
Watch the video as we take you through the results

Griswald as he is now lovingly know as, was found in his mothers pouch on the side of the road. Sadly his mother had been hit by a car and didnt survive. Thank you to the wonderful family that stopped to check on mum, found this little guy and brought him in to see us.If you see a dead or injured animal on the side of the road, don’t always assume that someone else has already checked the pouch. Please – if it is safe to stop – check!Griswald received a full check up and is now resting and recovering with a WIRES carer.

Meet Nix the Bengal cat who came in to see us with a small lump in his tail… wait till you see what we found!

This lovely 3year old Boxer named Yogi came in to see us with a very lame back leg.
Turns out he had torn his ACL and needed a TPLO operation
This is a 2 hour operation and we have recorded it and condensed it down for you to watch
**Warning Graphic Content**

Meet Buxton, the beautiful 6month old English Sheepdog

Buxton came in to see us because of his lower canines – he has a condition called base narrow canine which means his lower canines were growing up into the inside of his mouth.

Watch the video and learn how a canine baby tooth and a ball will help fix this problem

Exploratory Laparotomy

Princess is an 8 year old Rag Doll who came in to see us because her owner noticed that she was straining to urinate.

After performing a comprehensive examination (which we do on all consults) a large mass the size of an orange was discovered.

An exploratory laparotomy was performed – watch the video to see what happens next

**Warning – Graphic Content **

This is Fredrick the Great Dane who is in for preventative surgery to prevent Bloat (GDV)

Dogs with a deep, narrow chest — very tall, rather than wide — suffer the most often from bloat. 

Watch the video to learn more about bloat and watch the surgery

**Warning Graphic Content**

Meet Charlie who is only 9months old and has a growth deformity with his leg. 
Watch the video and learn his story, check out the Xrays and watch the operation!

What the primary drivers to longevity in pets? There are two main ones… obesity and dental disease!
Cats and dogs that have their teeth cleaned once a year in general live longer and are healthier.
Check out the video and meet this 14yr old girl Shelby – and get a behind the scenes look and what we do here at highlands Veterinary Hospital

What does 15 year old Baxter the cat and Fiona Coote have in common? Watch the video and lear more about cardiomyopathy

Matilda came in to see us with a dislocated toe, but when Diederik conducted a general health check he discovered a very small lump on her side.

An immediate needle biopsy was conducted (which is a very simple and pain free test) and Diederik was able to confirm that her lump was in fact a Mastocytoma tumour – which can be quite aggressive!

Watch the video (warning graphic content) and learn how Matilda will make a full recovery.

Don’t forget we are offering free lumps and bumps needle biopsys for this month so if your pet has a suspicious lump, NOW is the time to get it checked out.

Call us for more information

This is Lucky who is a rescue dog brought in to see us from the fantastic group Golden Oldies Animal Rescue

Lucky had horrible rotten teeth, and during a routine blood test we discovered he has Cushing Disease.

Your Lost Pet To Do List

Make sure you watch this demonstration video on how to check your dog for lumps and bumps!

Not all lumps and bumps are nasty but some can be! Early detection is the key!

From now till August we are offering FNA tests for FREE! This is a simple and painless test that can provide you with immediate results (value $58 – conditions apply)

If you find a lump of your furfriend, call us to take advantage of this offer and for peace of mind

Meet the beautiful Mindy who had to have both eyes removed…. watch the video to learn her story and find out why

Want to know what happens behind the scenes when you bring your pet in to be desexed?

Here is a sneak peek (without any of the gory bits) on what happens here at Highlands Veterinary Hospital

Whisky – Acanthomatous Epulis

Meet Whisky who came in to see us with a lump in his mouth. This lump turned out to be an acanthomatous epulis tumour.

Dr Gelderman performed a partial jaw amputation to remove the tumour and within hours of the surgery Whisky was eating and back to normal!

Even to look at him you would never know the difference
Watch the video and learn more Warning – Graphic Content

This is Orlando who has a common eye problem called Meibomian tumour. Watch the video to learn more…

When should you start to worry if your pet refuses to eat?

The exact treatment in a change of appetite really depends on the underlying cause… is your pet being fussy or can it be something more serious?

In this video Dr Gelderman talks about potential reasons why your pet is not eating and what you should do about it

Alfie the rabbit came in to see us with overgrown teeth. Watch the video and learn what happened next!

Did you know that we perform health checks on your pet whenever you bring them in to see us?

The beautiful Bella came in for her yearly vaccination and upon doing a routine health check Dr Gelderman discovered that her wrists were not as flexible as they should normally be.

Upon further investigation he doscovered she has wrist spurs.

Watch the video to learn exactly what wrist spurs are, what they look like and Bella’s treatment going forward.

This is Bert. Poor Bert came in to see us with perineal hernia… Watch the video to learn his story and watch the operation 

ADental disease is the biggest killer of the modern cat or dog. Find out what you can do to prevent this happening to your pet

Do you struggle to get your cat to the vet? In this video Dr Gelderman explain how to make it easy for both you and your cat AND provides you with some great tips 🐱

Rose the horse.

Did you know that horses can also get periodontal disease? Meet Rose and learn about her story…

This is Ace who was brought into us because his owner noticed his lameness. Watch the video to learn more

Meet Cooper who has a very common cancer in Boxers called Mastocytoma

Meet Lou Lou who came in to see us this week for an emergency cesarean.
We are happy to say that she had three very happy, healthy and beautiful puppies

When to worry if your pet refuses to eat

When should you start to worry if your pet refuses to eat?

In this video, Dr. Gelderman explains the reason why your pet might stop eating, and what you should do

Toxoplasmosis in cats – ‘Elizabeth’

Toxoplasmosis in cats is very rare, but we have seen 4 cases just recently.

In this video learn what Toxoplasmosis is, how your cats can contract it and what you need to do

Wandering Jew and how if effects your dog

If your dog is suffering from skin allergies then this common plant could be the culprit!

Also, keep an eye out for a special guest appearance from Ava our clinic puppy 🐶

How often do you check your dog’s mouth?

Buddy came in to see us for a number of things, and routine inspection discovered an epulis growth in his mouth

What foods should you NOT feed your pet?

Meet George the rooster who was brought in to see us with bumblefoot.
Check out his progress with this unconventional treatment!

What happens when you bring your dog in for a check up?
In this video learn the ‘whats’ and the ‘why’s’ on what you can expect when we run a comprehensive physical exam on your dog

Meet the beautiful Koda! Koda was in a nasty accident a few years ago that required a plate to be placed in her leg. Over time this plate has worn and now that Kodas leg is fully healed, this plate can now be removed

Does your cat/dog suffer from this? 8 out 10 cats and dogs do!
Canine Dental disease

Meet the adorable Toby from Golden oldies animal rescue who was brought to us with carpal hyperextension syndrome. The operation to fix took us quite a few hours but the results are worth it

Follow us with this Part 1 video and follow Toby’s journey…

This amazing tool makes teeth extraction a lot less painful and traumatic for your pet!

Meet Charlene who was brought in to us as she was having difficulty birthing her pups

Meet China who was brought to us by Golden oldies animal rescue. China suffers from Cerebellum disease, which affects her balance. Her story is a unique one (sadly with no cure) but she can still live a very happy and normal life

Learn how to safely trim your budgies beak

This is Arnie the 11yr old Dalmation who came to see us with gravel in his urethra. This video will amaze you at what we found when we operated!
Happy to report that Arnie is doing well 

Meet Gypsy who came to us as a rescue from the Golden oldies animal rescue at only 3yrs of age.

Gypsy has skin cancer which is brought on by UV light (yes, dogs can get sun skin cancer too!) 

We were able to remove the cancer and after some recovery time Gypsy will be ready to be re-homed… watch her journey with us at Highlands Veterinary Hospital

Cats who are said to suffer from feline Down Syndrome have wide-set and round eyes compared to the closer-set and slightly slanted eyes normally associated to felines, but can lead very normal lives

Meet Molly who was presented to us with jaw cancer, after a partial jaw amputation she is now living (and eating!) happily and normally