Maintaining healthy teeth and a healthy mouth is one of the most important contributors to your pets overall general health and a long life.

Although you might initially only notice your pet’s unpleasant breath, untreated dental disease can lead to problems within your pet’s heart and kidneys.

85% of pets over 18 months of age will have dental disease, therefore we will check your pet’s teeth during each routine examination.

Most dogs and cats are in need of a routine dental examination, radiographs and cleaning between ages 3 and 4.

Additionally, many animals require dental services for various conditions such as retained deciduous teeth, fractured teeth, stomatitis gingivitis, oral tumors, malocclusion, tooth resorption, advanced periodontal disease and more.

To ensure the quickest recovery and least amount of pain, should your pet need to have any teeth removed, we use an instrument called a ‘Periotome’. Currently no other veterinary practice in the Southern Highlands has this piece of equipment