Team Motivator


As in Ava Gardener the famous actress – because she had black hair and was sultry

Ava is, as Diederik calls her, “My car dog.”

She goes everywhere with him – to the Hospital every day and out on all the farm calls – day or night.

She loves scaring people when she greets people with her ferocious bark, but would not hurt anyone.

At the practice, she spends a lot of time babysitting any sick or injured younger and smaller dogs.

She gets on with all of them and her companionship helps them relax.

She’s ball and stick obsessed and is also known to chase a leaf when someone throws one.

Her only ‘bad behaviour’ is that she loves tearing out the in-ground sprinkler system

at Jen and Diederik’s house. It’s almost like she lies in wait – waiting for him to repair it and then pounces…