Carmelina Scheenan

Carmelina Scheenan

Carmelina joined HIGHlands Veterinary Hospital in September 2018, and has an Advanced Certificate in Veterinary Nursing with Distinction and over 14 years of experience working as a Veterinary Nurse.

Carmelina has her Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services with Delta Society.

Carmelina is a certified MindDog Australia Trainer. MindDog Australia is a psychiatric assistance dog/service dog . An assistance dog/service dog is trained to assist their owner/handler in all different types of public places where a pet dog may be prohibited to go.

Carmelina runs her own puppy and pet dog training business called ‘For Paws Sake’ alongside her Veterinary Nursing work, so she is one busy lady. She loves that fact that she has the privilege to nurse and help sick pets in their time of need and as well as help owners train their puppies and dogs.

Carmelina is an owner of a Pug called Charlie and a Rottweiler called Sapphire, who conspire to keep Carmelina on her toes.

Her driving force is the need to educate children and adults about the importance of being a good guardian to their pet and about responsible pet ownership to make sure that their pets are safe, healthy, and happy. She also believes that a well-trained and socialised puppy/dog is less likely to be given up or rehomed, which means that the puppy/dog, thanks to an owner’s devotion to training, will have a forever home.

Carmelina loves working with the team at the HIGHlands Veterinary Hospital as they all share the same passion for animals’ health and welfare.

Come in and meet Carmelina, you may even get some good tips about training and behavioural issues!